Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • This is a collector label for testing relevant tickets. These tickets contain infos that might be relevant for testing concepts.
  • Easy small tasks
  • Tickets, die den Standardprozesse wie maintenance und das Aufsetzen neuer Portale betreffen
  • Tickets that are finished by the devs and wait for being added to a release ticket. Please add the ticket to the current release ticket.
  • PO - Inbox
    Ideas and wishes for new features and feature improvements. Also bugs, that need to be prioritized (not critical bugs). Please use templates.
  • Topics to be discussed in PO Kreis.
  • Features that have been ordered, waiting for implementation. Check, whether a milestone exists. Add link. If not, notify account manager. Clockify project is also necessary.
  • After ticket has been estimted by developer and ticket requires order from customer, ticket is parked here.
  • POEstimate
    We want/need an estimation for this ticket
  • Tickets are finished and tested on staging. Waiting for deploy on production. Need to be tested on production.
  • Tickets that need to be refined be the pos maybe with pms or customers